• Sports, combat and beach SAMBO – at the Panamerican Championships in Acapulco

Sports, combat and beach SAMBO – at the Panamerican Championships in Acapulco

13 July 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin

For the first time in history the Panamerican SAMBO Championships will take place in the Mexican city of Acapulco. Sambists from 23 countries of the region will take part in the competitions, which will be held on July 21-22. One of the features of the tournament will be the debut of beach SAMBO at the championships of this continent.

Organisers informs, that applications for participation in the tournament were submitted by about 150 sambists from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Saint -Lucia, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Ecuador, Jamaica and, of course, Mexico.

For two days they will compete on the SAMBO mats of the arena "JAI ALAI", determining the winners of the championships in sports and combat SAMBO. On the evening of July 22, an exhibition of beach SAMBO is also planned at the beach "Papagayo". According to the regulations, athletes will compete in one open weight category in beach SAMBO among women (+64 kg) and in one – among men (+82 kg).

"We are very happy to welcome all participants of the Panamerican SAMBO Championships in Mexico and we will try to do everything that is possible to make athletes, coaches and representatives of national federations feel comfortable in our country," said the head of the Mexican SAMBO Antonio Ramirez Reboyar.

“We are pleased that the debut of beach SAMBO in the continental championships will take place in Acapulco, because this famous tourist city on the Pacific coast is very suitable for such competitions. We wish good luck to all participants, and let the strongest win!” – he added.

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